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Street Kids International is excited to announce that we will become part of Save the Children to dramatically increase our capacity to help more young people in need. Coming together will create a stronger force in the war on poverty.

This new structure will allow us to expand the scope of our entrepreneurship programs. Having worked alongside Save the Children to reduce extreme poverty, this decision is a natural progression towards more economical programming to help more kids.

“Having delivered Street Kids International programming in Bolivia, I have personally witnessed the impact on individual lives,” said Patricia Erb, President & CEO of Save the Children Canada. “The Street Kids development model is effective at creating sustainable change, and we are excited to welcome Street Kids into our family to impact more lives.”

Save the Children’s Livelihoods programs focus on sustainable income-generating activities to prevent poverty. This directly aligns with Street Kids International’s mission to empower youth to earn and sustain a living. Like Save the Children, we believe that every child has the right to a better future.

Our work will continue to support youth livelihoods under Save the Children’s Global Poverty Program, now with the capacity to expand our programs to youth across the 120 countries where Save the Children works.

We still need your support!  We hope you endorse the decision to help more young people living in extreme poverty.

Our work will not only continue, but will expand in scope and reach.  We will fundraise until the end of the calendar year for our five-year Ethiopia project (which will run until 2017). We will officially become part of Save the Children in the New Year, when all donations will be designated to Livelihoods in support of the ongoing Street Kids programming.

Please continue to support young people living in extreme poverty by maintaining your crucial contribution to youth livelihoods development.

Street Kids International was founded on your belief in us, implemented through your generosity and maintained through your dedication. You make everything we do possible. For that, we extend heartfelt thanks on behalf of the millions of youth whose lives you have saved over the past 26 years. 

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