Best Remote Control Cars For Kids [2021 Review]

The first remote-controlled car hit the shelves in 1966. Over the last five decades, RC cars have been a popular item on every child’s must-have list. Today, you’ll find remote control cars that spin, dig, and even climb the walls. No wonder they are still popular with kids of all ages (and quite a few adults!). Check out this list to find a great remote control car for kids you’ll want to bring home in 2021.

Best Overall

Lego Batman-inspired Batmobile 9.2 Check Price

Best Mid Range

Laegendary RC trucks 9.2 Check Price

Cheaper Choice

Terrasect vehicle 8.8 Check Price

JEYPOD 9.0 Check Price

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser 8.0 Check Price

Zenfolt Transform Car Robot 9.6 Check Price

DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator 9.0 Check Price

Amicool RC Stunt Cars 8.8 Check Price

DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Firetruck 9.2 Check Price

Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler 9.4 Check Price

1. Lego DC Superheroes App-Controlled Batmobile

Check Price

Your child will love building the amazing app-controlled Batmobile toy and patrolling the streets of Gotham City with Batman! Set features Batman weapons, a Batman minifigure, and remote-control ca...

This Lego Batman-inspired Batmobile ditches the radio-controlled remote for an app. Download the app to your device and connect to the Batmobile via Bluetooth. You’ll be ready to patrol Gotham City in no time.

  • The app makes it easy to perform tricks and operate the two stud shooters
  • Comes with a Lego Batman minifig
  • You’ll need to put together 321 pieces to build the car before you drive it

2. Laegendary 1:10 Scale Large RC 4×4 Off-Road Monster Truck

Check Price

More Fun with Extended Run Time: Equipped with two Li-Po 7.4V 1600mAh rechargeable batteries and a special double battery connector, the Laegendary high speed remote control cars for boys and adult...

These Laegendary RC trucks come in an impressive 1:10 scale, and the bigger size packs plenty of power. You can drive this remote control car for kids for more than 40 minutes and get it up to speeds of 30 miles (ca. 48 km) an hour. It’s waterproof and great for all terrains, so this is a machine you’ll want to take off-road to see what it can really do.

  • Capable of handling a variety of off-road terrain including puddles
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Replacement parts available
  • These large scale RC trucks require regular maintenance and upkeep

3. Terrasect Remote Control Transforming Vehicle

Check Price

The only RC that rolls and attacks.
Stable all-terrain RC.
Relentless Rolling Reptile that is unstoppable
Roll, flip and crawl in any direction
For Indoor & Outdoor Use.
Suitable for 8 years and ov...

This Terrasect vehicle was a 2019 Toy of the Year finalist. The low-profile bug-like vehicle zooms along and transforms into a ball via a button on the remote. Use the ball form to knock over obstacles or block opponents in a race. It’s a speedy, tough take on the traditional RC car for kids.

  • Has a button on the remote to flip the Terrasect back into action if it ends up on its back
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor driving
  • Requires a total of seven batteries which are not included

4. JEYPOD High-Speed Racing RC Car

Check Price

4 batteries: 2 rechargeable batteries for car and 2 batteries for transmitter.
Features: 2.4GHz wireless receiver, control distance 50-80m, speed 10-20km/H.
Harmless raw material: non-toxic plastic...

The JEYPOD is a classic remote control car for kids at a great price. Despite the low price, this RC car for kids still gets up to an impressive 12 miles per hour (ca. 19 km/h). It offers a good range, too, allowing the driver to send it up to 250 feet (ca. 76 m) before losing the signal.

  • One of the more affordable RC cars available
  • Comes with two rechargeable batteries for the car
  • You’ll need two more batteries for the remote which are not included

5. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser

Check Price

DRIVE ON THE WALL, CEILING AND GROUND: With patented Wall Climber Technology, Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser can drive on any smooth surface. Race up walls, across ceilings and on the ground. It gives...

Tired of driving on the floor? The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser will go up the walls and even across the ceiling. It’s a nimble little RC car, capable of doing spins and sharp turns as it follows the laser guidance. It’s also rechargeable via USB.

  • Kids use a laser to guide the car, making it easy for most children to control
  • Car requires smooth surfaces, so kids may run into difficulty on some walls and ceilings

6. Zenfolt Transform Car Robot

Check Price

Two Toys In One: Combined with car and robot, this RC transformer car could transform automatically from car to robot when you press the button on the remote control. Transforms back and forth flue...

This is another shape-shifting remote control car for kids, and this one is perfect for any kid who loves Transformers. With one click on the remote, the Zenfolt Transform Car Robot transforms from a police car into an imposing robot. The LED lights make it fun to drive in the dark, but it’s not really built for outdoor play.

  • Smoothly transitions from a car to a robot via the remote
  • Rechargeable batteries keep the fun going
  • No speed control, so it’s either going or stopped

7. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator

Check Price

✅ [ Detailed and realistic ] DOUBLE E professional heavy duty excavator toy is the most realistic replica of an excavator construction tractor. Built on a 1: 20 scale, powerful motors and heavy rub...

Why settle for driving when you could be digging, too? The DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator is an RC car for kids with the added bonus of being able to dig in the dirt. Easy to use buttons make it simple for kids to move the excavator around and operate the digging motion. The rubber tires will help it move across tough terrain, too.

  • A fun twist on the traditional RC car for kids
  • Excavator recharges via USB
  • While it’s a sturdy toy, you’ll need to find fairly soft dirt to do your digging

8. Amicool RC Stunt Cars

Check Price

【Electric Remote Control Car Anti-Interference】: 1/28 scale small size, stable, It maneuvers in any direction in just seconds with its miniature, sleek remote which is made to fit both children’s e...

The Amicool RC Stunt Car is perfect for kids who have outgrown their toddler toys but aren’t quite ready for more complex RC cars. Four oversized rubber tires allow this car to move, twist, and spin across surfaces without slowing down. The stunts will keep kids of all ages entertained.

  • Car will right itself so kids won’t have to go pick it up when it tips over
  • Works on a variety of surfaces, so it’s good for outdoor play
  • Not rechargeable, so you’ll be buying a lot of batteries for this RC car

9. DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Firetruck

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🚒【The Low-speed & Safe Electric Drill】 Made of the environmentally-friendly ABS material, it can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise for easy car assembly. Cooperate with the wrench to tight...

The DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Firetruck is perfect for an inquisitive preschooler. The remote control car for kids that’s easily controlled via oversized buttons on the remote. Preschoolers can also use the included tools to take the truck apart and put it back together. That’s great for their manual dexterity skills.

  • Chunky parts are easy for small hands to manipulate
  • Lights and sirens can be turned on and off via the remote
  • Only runs for about 30 minutes
  • Requires a total of seven batteries to operate

10. Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler

Check Price

Innovative portal axles provide huge ground clearance and virtually eliminate chassis torque twist
Lock differentials and operate the high/low range transmission remotely from the transmitter
XL-5 ...

The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is a Land Rover look-alike that’s almost as much fun to drive as the real thing. The high suspension allows you to drive the car through conditions that would bring other RC cars for kids to a stop. It’s well-built for hours of outdoor play.

  • Waterproof electronics so you can run it through puddles
  • Super tough construction will stand up to most off-roading conditions
  • Replacement parts available
  • The impressive RC car comes with a hefty price tag of $450+

What RC Car for Kids Will You Purchase Next?

With so many great RC cars on the market, it can be tough choosing the right one. There is something for everyone on this list and enough features that the adults will have as much fun as the kids when it comes to driving. These RC cars are sure to be a hit for anyone celebrating a birthday or the holiday season this year.