How much does it cost to install a water heater (tank)

Answer: $215 at home depot. $40 more if you need them to cart your old tank away (I sold my old one on kijiji). Plus HST for a grand total of: $288.15.


How much you pay to have a water heater installed will really depend on how well you do your homework. Get at least 3 quotes. Make sure you check kijiji for an advertised price. Send an email to a number of local contractors for a quote. Those that don't respond probably aren't the type of person you want to deal with. Ditto to those who won't give you a price or quote over the phone.

I happened to be at home depot and asked what they would charge to install a tank hot water heater (purchased at the Home Depot). Attached is the quote. I didn't email around to see what others would charge, but would really hope that for a simple job like this it would be a lot less.

quote from Home Depot showing it's 215$ to install a tank water heater

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