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What exactly does Street Kids International do?

Street Kids International delivers entrepreneurship and employment programs to youth workers around the world. The youth workers then deliver our programs to vulnerable youth in their communities, teaching them how to start a small business or prepare for an entry-level job. Our ability to pass this information along, from trainer to trainer, country to country, has been the key to our success, providing as many vulnerable youth as possible with the tools they need to move themselves out of poverty and into gainful employment. 

Does Street Kids International say that children should work?

No. We recognize that street-involved youth and vulnerable young people are forced to work in dangerous or illegal situations to provide for their basic needs. To respond practically to this reality, we have developed entrepreneurship and employment programs that enable young people to earn an income in a safe and productive way.

Where does Street Kids International have offices?

Street Kids International is a Canadian charity with offices in Toronto, as well as the United Kingdom. Instead of having field offices, we partner with youth-serving organizations in the countries where we deliver programs. We work with these organizations to deliver the program most appropriate to their region. 

Does Street Kids International fund overseas organizations?

Street Kids International works in partnership with youth-serving organizations around the world, but we are not a funding agency or grant-giving foundation. To become engaged with Street Kids International, interested organizations establish a relationship with us, and we work collaboratively to deliver our youth entrepreneurship and employment programs. Many of these organizations continue delivering our programs long after our work in any given country is completed. We are always interested in hearing from organizations with a similar passion for improving the lives of vulnerable youth, but are unable to fund projects directly.

Do you give vulnerable youth money to start their own businesses?

Our programs provide youth with the skills and knowledge required to start their own businesses or qualify for entry-level jobs. When funding permits, youth who develop strong business plans may receive the opportunity to win credit or start-up capital as part of a Business Plan contest. In some instances, we have collaborated with regional micro-finance institutions that provide lending services independent of Street Kids.

Do you work in North America?

Street Kids International is bringing our international expertise back to Canada in response to a need to support street-involved youth right here at home. Through our Youth Business Action project, we partner with local youth-serving organizations to help disadvantaged youth in the Greater Toronto Area find alternative means and training to start a small business.  The three-year proejct will run from 2013 to 2015 and also contains a mentorship component, where local professionals have the chance to support groups of youth to start a business in a mentor capacity.

In the past, we have delivered the now archived Street Health program in the United States of America. We have also created and delivered an archived three-year pilot project, Streetjibe, in Canada. The project took place from 2006 to 2009 in Ontario's York Region, and was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Streetjibe brought together a variety of individuals from youth-serving organizations to share their knowledge and skills. As a result of a series of webcasts called Street Talk held in 2007, an ESL curriculum was developed for Ontario high schools. This curriculum meets the Ministry of Education expectations, and is currently being used by several teachers in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Do you work in the UK?

We opened an office in the UK in 2008. Our UK office is also starting a local project; please visit the website for more details.  The UK team is currently working with partners in Brazil, Uganda and Ghana.

Do you support students doing research about street-involved youth?

We believe we have an important role to play in public education on the issue of street-involved youth; although, unfortunately, we are not equipped to respond to individual requests for information.

Do you have volunteer placements overseas?

Street Kids International has participated in the International Youth Internship Program, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (now DFATD). We do not currently have any available overseas placements, but be sure to visit our Volunteer page for agencies offering overseas opportunities.

What is Street Kids International’s legal name and registration?

Canada: Street Kids International, Charitable Registration Number: 128907870 RR0001
UK: Street Kids International UK, Registered Charity Number: 1125483 (England & Wales 06617629)

Where do you get the money to do your work?

Our donors make all we do possible!  We receive support from government organizations, corporations, foundations and individuals. 

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