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What We Do

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Street Kids International empowers youth in the developing world to change their futures and break the cycle of poverty.

We provide practical, hands on business skills that at-risk youth leverage to obtain entrepreneur opportunities or entry-level jobs.

We do this by partnering with youth-serving organizations around the world to deliver entrepreneurship and employment programs that provide the tools youth need to start small businesses or enter the workplace.

Our programs positively impact vulnerable youth, their families and their surrounding communities.

Training of Trainers

Our Model - Train-the-Trainer

We empower young people through a multiplying effect:  we train Master Trainers in each country, who then hold workshops to train Youth Workers from various local youth-serving organizations.

Each youth worker then continues to train young people, using our award-winning toolkits, to teach them to start businesses or obtain employment.


Master Trainers

Street Kids International has a network of over 300 Master Trainers globally. We train these people directly, developing groups of Master Trainers in each region to strengthen partner organizations' capacity to continue training others without Street Kids International's direct assistance.

Master Trainers become experts at understanding our toolkits and delivering training workshops to Youth Workers.

We recruit Master Trainers through a number of selection criteria - although we begin to identify potential Master Trainers through our partners at an early stage.  Some factors in selecting Master Trainers include:

  • Strong knowledge of our toolkit materials
  • Excellent social work skills and ability to deliver material and activities
  • Experience working with youth
  • Real enthusiasm and long-term commitment

Youth Workers

When we train Youth Workers, we invest in the communities they serve.  

Our Master Trainers train groups of 15 - 20 Youth Workers at a time to teach them to implement our workshops to youth.

Small groups ensure the material is well-received. During the training, Youth Workers can ask questions, engage in discussion and seek advice and guidance.

Once Youth Workers observe a Master Trainer deliver the workshop, they deliver the program themselves with another group of youth. 

This ripple-effect means that more and more people are trained by their own peers; these trainings continue to be delivered for years on end, providing youth in developing countries with the power to take charge of their own futures.


Our toolkits are culturally-relevant, translated into appropriate languages, easy-to-understand and combine award-winning animations and visual content with interactive activities to teach youth through seeing and doing. 

Street Work TM 

An entrepreneurship program that helps youth between 15 and 30 start a small business. 

Contains four toolkits:

  • Street Business
  • Street Banking
  • Business Mentorship
  • Practical Business

Our award-winning Street Work animated video, Speed's Choice is part of the Street Business toolkit.  It introduces five youth who live on the street and start their own businesses. 


Street Source TM

A job readiness program that provides vulnerable youth between 18 and 22 with basic job skills to gain full-time employment. 

Includes three components:

  • Job Readiness Training
  • Job Placement
  • Mentorship





What you can do:

Get involved!  

We need your help to break the poverty cycle.

You don't have to be rich to help youth overseas.  Plan a fun event to raise funds.  Use your social media skills and reach out to us online. Take a few minutes to like us on FacebookTweet to us and check out our YouTube page, which showcases some awesome stories directly from the field.





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