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Meet Mulat (Ethiopia)

"When I first came to Debre Brehan district in Ethiopia’s capital, I could find no job. My parents threw me from their house when I became pregnant at 16.

So I went to Addis Ababa to find work. But because I left school early, I have no formal education.

I was only 16 years old when I became a sex worker.

Life doing commercial sex is just unbearable.

Life is communal and nobody has the right to anything she owns, even her body.

I had to give up my baby. I suffered for many years with abuse and scarcity of food. And I had more children.

Then Emmanuel Development Association found me. They are partnering in Ethiopia with Street Kids International to help girls and boys learn to make money and get off the streets. They invited me to attend the Street Business workshop to learn to start a business.

The training was 11 days and they made it so I can understand. I learned to make a business plan and save funds to start the business. I received $40 from the program for start-up funds, and used it to rent a shop and buy dishes and equipment for cooking. And I have a mentor to help when I get stuck.

My business is a restaurant where I sell food and tea. I usually earn about $35 each week. I opened a bank account at Amhara Credit & Savings Institution, and I save about $7 every week. The bank account means I can access credit to expand the business. Next I want to open a hotel.

Now I live in government housing with all my children. I pay rent and I can feed my kids. Thanks to Street Kids International."


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