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Meet Archana (India)

Archana (middle) is pictured with a colleague at Prevision Enterprises and Business Solutions, where she now works part-time in the afternoons.

"My job gives me the chance to continue my studies," explained Archana.  "In the morning, I go to college to study Psychology, Economics and Politics, and in the afternoon I go to work."

Archana lives in Janata Vasahat community in Pune, India, with her parents, sister, nieces, nephews and aunts.  

After struggling to pay for school or find work, Archana's house maid told her about the Street Source job readiness training program. "She said 'My grandson now has a job because he did the training'" Archana said. 

The Street Source program includes Job Readiness training, Job Placement and Mentorship to provide sustainable support and experience to those entering the workforce.  The placement and mentorship components are what makes it so successful.

Also pictured (back) is Rahul, Archana's mentor.  Rahul works with Affinity Express - a Street Kids partner in India that supports and leads the project in Pune.  Rahul volunteers his time to help support the Street Source participants and provide advice when necessary.


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