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Meet Brayan (Colombia)

21-year-old Bryan (pictured above modelling his products) lives with his mother and younger sister, who is enrolled in beauty school. Until recently, he worked with his mother at her food stall, but she was unable to manage the business and it closed.

Brayan is an artist. For eight years he has been making leather bags and shoes - he even started a business to sell his products.  But he is unable to maintain the business because he lacks the skills to manage money.

"I am not good at saving," Brayan admitted.  "I tried, but last Christmas I spent all my savings in two weeks.  It's a bad habit. My mother tries to help me; she wants me to start giving her some of my income to put aside for me in a revolving savings fund."

Brayan even has some expensive equipment with which to increase production of his products, and has been offered a loan of five million pesos to keep his business going.  "I was afraid to accept the money!  I know I need to practice borrowing money before taking a big loan so I am sure I can pay it back."

Brayan participates in numerous programs, such as self-improvement trainings, through his local YMCA, which is where he learned about Street Kids.  During the Street Business and Street Banking workshops, Brayan is learning, he is focusing on things like business management, measuring cost of production and accounting.  

"I just need to buy one more machine to start making and selling products," he said.  "I am working with a foundation now, but really I want to get my business going again.  I am creating a brochure and website, and thinking about marketing.  I know this time I can succeed!"



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