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Our Programs

Our award-winning programs are practical, easy to understand, and participatory. Each program uses low literacy teaching techniques (e.g., stories, animations, and games), while maintaining high quality content.


Street Work

Street Work is an entrepreneurship program that assists vulnerable youth to start small businesses. This program includes four toolkits: Street Business, Street Banking, Street Mentorship, and Practice Business.

Street Business Toolkit 
Teaches young people how to start a small business such as tailoring, hair-dressing or selling merchandise at the market. Participating youth learn basic business concepts, identify business ideas, create a business plan and evaluate whether self-employment is something they want to pursue.

Street Banking Toolkit 
Teaches and emphasizes the importance of saving and investment in business via interactive games. The games teach participants how to navigate the financial resources available in their community and how to develop savings and loan groups to support each other and grow their businesses.

Street Mentorship Toolkit 
Trains business mentors to provide guidance and advice that assist participating youth to overcome problems and obstacles that may arise in their businesses. Mentors are usually small business owners who live and work in the same communities as the youth.

Practice Business Toolkit 
Provides participating youth with the opportunity to test their practical knowledge in a supported environment. This toolkit is designed for youth who are interested in beginning a small business, but do not yet have the confidence or experience to succeed.


Street Source

Street Kids is always evolving in response to the needs of youth and the labour market in the regions we serve. The Street Source program is one outcome of this evolution, and includes the following toolkits.

Job Readiness Toolkit
Provides vulnerable youth who are often excluded from career opportunity with the employment skills they need to successfully enter the workplace, and retain and advance their positions. Participating youth develop skills in communication, financial literacy, problem solving, resume preparation and interviewing.

Job Placement Toolkit
Youth graduates apply for positions with employers in their community, and are provided with an adult mentor to help them transition from a life of poverty to a full-time job and income.

Money Management Toolkit
Once securely employed, youth cover a portion of their training costs through payments over a one year period. This introduces the youth to the practice of borrowing, saving and repaying.


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