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Meet Krish (Nepal)
Krish making glow candles in Nepal

Krish is 18 and has lived on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, since he was nine.

Then he received an opportunity to change his future:  after participating in the Street Business and Street Banking workshops, he was able to channel his artistic talent into a small business. Now Krish designs glow candles and sells them in a Nepalese market.

The glow candle business is a social enterprise - part of an initiative that allows vulnerable youth who take part in Street Kids workshops to try new business ideas in a supported environment. Participants have the opportunity to practice a business, be a mentor to other youth and gain confidence in their business skills.

Now Krish is off the streets and shares a room with some friends; he has a safe place to sleep at night.

Krish hopes to one day start a shelter so other vulnerable youth have a place to call home.




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