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Meet Berkanesh (Ethiopia)

Meet Berkanesh.  A 22-year-old Ethiopian woman who forever changed her future with Street Kids' help.

When she was 14, her father passed away. Her mother struggled to support the family, selling the few onions they could spare at the market.  Fully-dependent on her mother, Berkanesh was forced to leave school in her teens because she could not afford the fees.  

Then she attended the Street Business training and learned to grow the business. Within days, she used her new knowledge to expand her mother's market stall. Soon, the two women were making more than any vendor at the Tuesday and Saturday markets.

Now they sell onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, ginger, chili, potatoes and more.  

Berkanesh is financially-independent and supports her mother and family.  Plus, she is able to fund further vocational training and continues to invest in her education.

For her next business venture, she wants to start a clothing shop. She recently attended the Business Mentorship workshop and her new mentor, John, is helping her achieve her goals.

A true entrepreneur at heart, we know Berkanesh will go far.


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