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Meet Daniel, Youth Worker (Colombia)


Daniel Vargas Nino is one of the many charismatic and devoted youth workers who form the backbone of what we do at Street Kids.

A Youth Worker at the YMCA Risaralda in Colombia, Daniel learned to deliver the Street Business toolkit during a Training of Trainers workshop in January 2013, followed by a Street Banking workshop in June.  He is now an expert in facilitating the Street Kids toolkit content using innovative and creative teaching techniques that appeal to youth.

"My favourite activity is the Community Walk," said Daniel, "where youth identify current businesses in the community and learn to apply the concepts we discuss to an actual business."

It's the inspiring youth workers like Daniel who engage with disadvantaged young people and motivate them to change their attitudes and behaviours. 

Daniel stands firmly behind the Street Work model.  "Such an initiatives are an important part of youth social development and help to empower and positively transform their realities."

Now an employed social worker with YMCA Risaralda in Colombia, Daniel joined the organization as a volunteer who provided sports training to youth in a low-income, marginalized neighbourhood.  After proving his passion for youth development and entrepreneurship, the YMCA hired Daniel as a Youth Service Coordinator.



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