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Our History

During the second Sudanese civil war in 1986, a young lawyer by the name of Peter Dalglish encountered the street youth of Khartoum in the most unusual manner: he watched a young boy, armed with only a bent nail, break into his Land Rover in less than one minute. Most people would have called the police, but not Peter. Instead he launched a bicycle courier service, and recruited street youth to make the deliveries. Peter also began a technical training school that the young bicycle couriers could attend in the evening.

Soon 80 of the city’s most vulnerable youth were earning an income during the day, and learning how to become carpenters, welders, and mechanics by night. Peter’s involvement with Sudanese youth was inspired by the hundreds of young boys and girls who, amidst war and poverty, were fleeing their rural communities for the relative security of the city. Without parents or adult guardians, many of these youth had to fend for themselves on the streets, often with the militia and police on their heels.

A year after moving to Sudan, Peter returned to Canada and established Street Kids International in 1988. Twenty-five years later, Street Kids continues to provide vulnerable youth around the world with the tools they need to move out of poverty and into gainful employment, reminding us that the story of vulnerable youth is one of hope, courage, and resilience.


Milestones & Achievements

2013: Street Kids International celebrates 25 years of training youth around the world to start small businesses or prepare for employment.

2012: Street Kids International develops a five-year project in Ethiopia to set up a Community of Practice and deliver the Street Work program.

2008: Street Kids International establishes a multi-year partnership with Save the Children USA to deliver programs in the Middle East and Asia.

2008: Street Kids International celebrates its 20th anniversary in Toronto, and opens an office in the UK.

2007: Street Kids International receives a Special Recognition Award for Long-Term Commitment to International Cooperation from the Canadian International Development Agency and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

2007: Street Kids International is selected as a finalist for the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

2007: Street Kids International establishes a three-year partnership with ECCO to deliver the Street Work program to youth in Kenya and Poland.

2007: Street Kids International launches Streetjibe, a three-year pilot project that addresses poverty in Ontario's York Region.

2005: The Street Banking Toolkit is developed with partners in Latin America. The new toolkit teaches youth about the importance of saving and investment.

2004: Street Kids International reaches more than 300,000 youth in Russia with its Street Health program.

2003: Street Kids International launches IMPRINT, a global education program for Canadian high school students.

2003: Street Business Toolkit delivery expands to countries in Africa and Central Asia.

2002: Street Kids International holds a roundtable at the United Nations Special Session on Children.

2001: Premiere of Speed’s Choice, an animation about youth entrepreneurship.

2000: The Street Business Toolkit launches in Latin America.

1999: The Street Health program launches in Central Asia with the support of Open Society Institute.

1997: A pilot micro-enterprise program is successful with street youth in Zambia.

1996: Street Kids International wins the UNICEF Meena Prize for the Goldtooth animation.

1995: Premiere of Goldtooth, an animation about street youth and substance abuse. The video won top award honours at an animation film festival the following year.

1994: Karate Kids is available in 100 countries and 26 languages. 

1993: Karate Kids wins the Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Non-Profit Innovation.

1990: Street Kids International partners with the Zambia Red Cross to create the country’s first street youth drop-in centre, providing training and employment opportunities to young people in Lusaka.

1989: Premiere of Karate Kids, an animation about sexual health. 

1988: Street Kids International is established.


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